I welcome you to my Art Gallery!


I am a mixed media artist living in sunny Southwest Florida.  When I am not creating a painting in my studio, I can be found boating on the turquoise waters of the Gulf of Mexico, camping, playing golf, or spending time with my family and friends.  Many of the inspirations for my paintings come from the natural beauty of the sea, plants and wildlife that surround me.

My artistic journey started when I signed up for a Bob Ross painting class at a local community center about 7 years ago – I joked before I left for the class that we should get a place on the wall ready for the masterpiece that I was sure to create!   As it turns out, my first painting wasn’t half bad and that’s when my art journey began in earnest.  I started with oils to create my first few paintings of flowers, beloved family dogs, and landscapes.  Next, I ventured into acrylics to avoid the slow drying time and the smell of oil paints and cleaners and continued to focus on dogs and landscapes.

Continuing my artistic journey, I found that I really wanted to loosen up my work.  I began learning to paint predominately with palette knives to force myself to not be so realistic.  Since I really felt like there was more within me that I needed to express, I began to work with a mentor to help me try to find what I wanted to create with my work – find my voice, so to speak.  Through this mentorship I have found that I really enjoy creating loose and sometimes almost impressionistic art using mixed media techniques and processes to create whatever strikes me.  It is important to me that I create my paintings for me first because half of the fun is working through a painting to get to something that I love!

My artistic journey is most definitely an ongoing process and I am only just getting started.  I hope that you enjoy my work as much as I enjoy creating it!